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this journal needs a serious makeover...  
04:38pm 22/01/2009
Jew of Doom
i am so so sick of not having time to do this shit... actually u know what?? imma make a new journal i think... as soon as i come back from the States (oh, did i forget to mention this...?! only 2 and a half weeks till i leave!!!)

my jounal needs a fresh start...

I need a fresh start...

i need to get back into graphics and all that too...

plus, David is gonna teach me computer programming and hacking... it'll be genius!

so, my life within the computer can begin once more...
mood: creativecreative
music: the annoying sound of 1000 concert tickets being printed....
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(no subject)
05:52pm 25/01/2009 (UTC)
Hey JOD!!! Where in the states are you going? You didn't mention your trip yet, I need details!
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