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on TV like...Alex Winter!  
12:35pm 02/02/2009
Jew of Doom
omg! last night, I was watching Bones, and who else was in but the one and only Alex WInter!! lol I've been wanting to see this for about a year and a half now.. i mean, its ALEX WINTER!!! he was well sleezy... and he still looks liek he's on drugs! lol

peace out kids
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06:06am 02/03/2009 (UTC)
Hows mexico treating you?
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07:28pm 02/03/2009 (UTC)
Jew of Doom
mexico is good...

actually in the states atm, we went all the way up the west coast to washington state... but we're leaving today to go back to mexico... stoppin in san fransisco to do alcatraz tho! we've also been to canada and that was fkn hilarious! lol

i knwo i should post but ive been heaps busy...

how r u anyways?? u still gonna try to get to sydney?? miss u xx
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