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sharing is caring...  
06:46pm 03/01/2009
Jew of Doom
...and i just had to share!

mood: amusedamused
music: those usual carnie sounds...
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Santa's Little Helper...  
05:39pm 30/12/2008
Jew of Doom

greetings and salutations.

well right now im sitting in the fancy office suite behind Luna Park filling in for reception... and what have i been doing all day?? reading Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics... so hilarious!

in light of the recent event known as "Christmas," i'd like to share this:


and on that note... its almost home time and i still have a shit load of laminating to do!

over and out :)
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: the gentle hum of my new favourite toy, the lamination machine...
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"Imagine that, a poncho/sombrero combo - I'd be off my tits on happiness!" -Vince Noir; The Boosh  
04:38pm 23/12/2008
Jew of Doom
you know what?? i was just talkin to my supervisor about LJ and decided it was time yet again to try and salvage my cyber-life... so here i go...

first i just wanna say im sick of saying i'll get back into LJ because it always appears to be a house of lies...

but i dont mean to!!! i just dont get the time to update often... and i hate long posts (like this will no doubt be) so the only preventative i can think opf is to post regularly. lol

so brief update on the interesting (and legal) happenings thus far:

as u all know i live in a boarding house, but for the last 2 months my Mexican brother Dave and I have been stayin at our mates Jono and Julian's house, on a doona on the lounge room floor... that is, until last night, when we moved into our mates Dan and Megan's, who live just downstairs lol.

the awesomeness of this is that rent is only like $75 each a week, compared to the $195 we paid at the boarding house and weren't even living there...... the other awesome thing is that this means we're finally out of the boarding house!!! *claps hands together*

but the real genius behind this is that it'll be easier to save for Mexico, where i am apparently going in Feb... well excited! : P

so apart from my trip and moving house, there isnt really anything else LJ friendly i have to say... oh wait... yeah there is! (ha ha)

today at work, we had a raffle for all the staff to be the first person on the new Big Splash ride... its basically like a water roller coaster... but anyways, i won!!! me and this other guy from my department, Jordan...

so out of the whole park, Team Jordie got lucky... how absract...

and on that note, its time for me to go home!!!

adios! ; )
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: i can hear it, but i cant hear what it is lol
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Come with us now on a journey through time and space...  
03:18pm 27/09/2008
Jew of Doom
'Allo 'allo!

right now i am sitting at work watching some Arial Spectactular Show... this 73 year old man doin crazy acrobatic stunts up really high... it sure is crazy!

speakign of crazy, some weird shit went down last night... involving cops, forgery and me... will explain all later... but for now, i wanna talk about my new obsession: 
Vince Noir and The Mighty Boosh

for anyone who doesn't know, The Might Boosh is a BBC comedy written by and starring Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding (aah Noel Fielding *swoon*) based on thier stand up act of the same name.

Its totally bizzarre and Fielding's character Vince Noir (is that not the coolest name ever?!) is just the greatest thing in existence! he's all metro and androgynous, and believes he is "King of the Mods" lol u gotta love it! what with his crazy outfits, makeup, and that hair! its just...amazing!

and he plays nearly every freakish character in the show (such as Old Gregg, a merman in a pink tutu with a man-gina, a green witch called The Hitcher, and even The Moon!) Dave and I have been watching it constantly on DVD... I watched the entire 3rd season last night lol

will prob post pics of the beautiful Noel later, but for now here is Vince's story of Charlie, his friend made of bubblegum whom he wrote a book about:

'You're in a Hubba Bubba nightmare...'Collapse )

well thats about all for now...

huge party tonight (muh bday is in 2 days!) and the party will prob go until then... it could very well kill me... and in case i dont make it out alive, i want u all to know it was totally worth it! XD
mood: excited (party tonight!)excited (party tonight!)
music: is that the Grease soudtrack?!
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What would Ryan Boitana do?  
03:51am 18/09/2008
Jew of Doom
funny... usually i hate sleep, yet i do it anyway, and tonight i cant sleep and i complain...


i just got woken up by a bad dream. this spooked me because one, i dont usually dream and two, what if this restarts my fear of dreams and sleep, which i thought i was pretty much over... i couldnt even close my eyes without seeing fucked up images i just know would turn into fucked up dreams so i opted to stay awake...

the other thing is im sick... ive had the flu all this week, been stuck in bed and not going to work... but have i been sleeping?? not unless marijuana is involved...

which brings me to worry #2... im startin to feel dependant on it for sleep... and right now im dry... so what would Ryan Boitano do?!

but on the bright side of things:

i finally finished Harry Potter! altho thats also quite sad isnt it??... last one... no more... a piece of my childhood has come to an end... imma miss them... but mum's comin up on the weekend and she's bringin me the other books so imma start the whole series again! yay! and wow... number 7... fkn epic... im sure i'll post a mass rant on it sometime soon but for now i have more pressing matters to attend to...

so imma go have a cigarette.
mood: restlessrestless
music: early morning chatter between my fellow insomniac friends
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those random thoughts of no interest that I like to share...  
10:11am 12/09/2008
Jew of Doom
*sigh* ...im feeling rather...flat today... not sad or anything, still happy as always, just flat...

...and my tattoo is itchy which SUCKS because im not allowed to scratch it!!! aaaaaggggggggghhhhhh!!!!

but the good news is... i just had three days off... aah... mini holiday! its not often i get three days off in a row... but alas, now i am back to work... but thats a good thing, right?!

also my bday is coming up (yay) only 17 days left!!! and mum's comin up next weekend to celebrate... most triumphant! XD

anyhoozle... back to my [non existant] work.

mood: blahblah
music: sweet, sweet silence
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*shakes fist profusely*  
06:30pm 07/09/2008
Jew of Doom

i think my Photobucket account has been compromised... y, i have no idea...

see, one of my icons, my Idaho one, had been changed and i was all wtf i dotn even know who that person is!!! and then i try to find it in my Photobucket account and i cant get in! i know i barely use it but still i dotn think ive changed the password... sad... all those beautiful icons gone :( not to mention all those banners and things i made! oh well im sure i can retrieve most of it they've got to be saved somewhere...

and now... its dinner time! XD
mood: hungryhungry
music: the silence of the lack of ppl as dinner is now being served...
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12:33pm 07/09/2008
Jew of Doom
odd... my friend Chris (the one i was in love with last year at TAFE, who ended up becoming one of my closest friends as well as my guitar teacher, lead guitar in my band, the only person i've ever slept with and my self defence teacher) just got a job at my work last week... strange - for 6 months, he's been unemployed and not studying, just lazing around at home all day, and ive been trying to push him to get motivated. finally, he starts looking for jobs, gets me to help him with his resume and what not, and BAM! of all the places he applies for, he gets a job here. lol. he works in games which is the only place here that would suit him (he's such a hobo!) and i was just walking past and BAM! there he was... at the Buckets game... its so strange, seein him in my uniform, in my domain... pffft... tourist!
mood: energeticenergetic
music: just the usual sounds of an amusement park...
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"Dude, if I die, you can have my Megadeath collection." -BILL S. PRESTON, ESQUIRE  
09:38pm 06/09/2008
Jew of Doom
Well i am currently sitting in the Box Office, with the wall behind me shaking due to the noise coming from within...

I just went in and had a look... fkn cool man! I mean, not a huge fan of Opeth, but some of their stuff is just amazing... its so unique... so yeah... thats my spill... back to work now

tootles : )
mood: hungryhungry
music: the muffled and wall shaking sounds of Opeth and those crazy metal-heads
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Did I summon a Chaos Demon?!  
10:12am 05/09/2008
Jew of Doom
omg. fkn hectic already and its only 11:30!! its a fkn shitty day, raining and all that,  and I've just had group booking after group booking, the teacher of one Asian school group making everything confusing, the concequences being her weasling an extra rides pass out of us... and then there was that other school who just made everything complicated by not having a group booking (making enquiries with the group bookings coordinator doesnt mean u made a booking - idiot!) and wanting to pay by cheque which i cant process with a counter sale, so i had to rearrange everything in order to do it, and now im on hold with Australia Post trying to track down someones tickets for tomorrow's show, and omg its just...crazy... really fkn stressful today... but good. stress is good. lol
mood: stressedstressed
music: Australia Post hold music
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